photos at work

.001 Bob’s Guitar Service

Ryan Allen Leica M240 W/Summicron 35mm f2 V3

Bob Egan started Bob’s Guitar service in 1990. Bob of course played in Canadian famous “Blue Rodeo” for 16 years and in world famous Wilco before that. In 2016 Bob retired from Blue Rodeo and took a job with the KPL. As a result he passed the shop over to long time Luthier Ryan Allen.

Ryan, once the bass player of Maple Musics “The Miniatures” Ryan has always enjoyed working with his hands. He feels at home working ‘in music’ regardless of whether it’s playing music, selling music or repairing guitars. He once worked at The Beat Goes on and while he remarks that the job paid shit, it was still ‘music’

Bob’s Guitar Service is beautifully chaotic as it should be. I hung around for an entire day and all day long folks were in and out of the shop, dropping off their guitars or picking them up. Ryan knew almost everyone who came in the door on a first name basis. You can tell Ryan is at home here

.002 Electrical Audio

Steve Albini Leica M240 W/Summicron 35mm f2 V3

In February 2019 I got the offer of a lifetime to shoot some video content for Taylor Guitar Company at Electrical Audio in Chicago. I’ve always been a huge fan of Steve and his recording work. Electrical Audio has been a recording pilgrimage for many bands that I grew up with and it was an incredible experience to hang out there for the day. We had a lot of content to shoot, but I had a little time to grab a portrait of Steve. Above he sits inside the live room of “Studio A” This legendary room built by Steve and the gang in 1997 has been the home to an incredible list of notable records, my personal favourite being ‘Neurosis – Times of Grace’

Steve Albini is an incredibly down to earth and inspiring guy who is known for making incredible records in which he takes no points or royalties from (on principle). Most recently he’s been well know for winning the World Series Of Poker, yes seriously.